Leather Parks

The Activities of Mini Leather Park as per the “MALUPU” programme  is as follows:

  • Common Facility Center.
  • Production Center.
  • Buyer-seller interaction Center.
  • Collection center for raw hides.
  • Backward link to Medium Parks.
  • Distribution center for finished leather.
  • Distribution/Sales point for the finished products (Chappals) etc, made in villages.
  • Overall, a Mini Park is an end all institution which will sustain the empowerment of the artisans. It provides the Economic life – line.

List of the Mini Leather Parks existing in the State of Telangana :

  1.  Jinkunta(V), Mahaboobnagar District
  2. Ghanpur(Stn.)(V), Warangal District
  3. Armoor(V), Nizamabad District 
  4. Mallemadugu(V), Khammam District
  5. Mandamarri (v),Adilabad District
  6. Duddeda (V), Medak District
  7. Dandempally(V), Nalgonda District
  8. Jammikunta (V), Karimnagar District 
  9. Polepally (V), Mahaboobnagar District.

Training in Mini Leather Parks

     • TSLIPC provided Skill up-gradation training in Footwear and Leather goods manufacturing
     • 7,000 got trained in the last decade and are either employed or in their own business
     • 3 Months training program proposed in Mini Leather Parks
     • Cost of the proposed Training Prog. is RS.1.35Cr
    • Assistance to be Provided by Commissioner Of industeries,Govt. of Telangana


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