How To See Others Deleted TikTok Videos

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In the step-by-step guide below, you’ll find an approach on how to see others deleted tiktok videos

It is possible to see that they are still there after deleting the videos. Follow the steps in the following paragraphs gives you different scenarios.

Common Reasons for Losing TikTok Videos

Before we present a thorough how-to-see deleted TikTok videos, Let’s go over the basic concepts.

● Sometimes, users make a video in the app but don’t share it or save it.

● When you uploaded the video, your phone may have encountered problems with the network.

● If your phone has been restarted or stopped working while uploading a video, it could be gone.

● It could be an issue with the app related to TikTok (like a corrupt update).

● If the live video has been saved on your personal computer, the odds are it has been deleted accidentally or corrupted.

● An application from a third party, insufficient upload of the video file, formatting the storage device, etc., are a few other reasons to lose the data.

● Accidental deletion assuming that they are unwanted videos is the first reason to look at.

How to see others deleted tiktok videos and to locate deleted videos on TikTok?

1. Start the TikTok application. First, when you open your Android phone, it is necessary to search for an icon in black with the music note. This is the official icon that TikTok uses. Tap the icon to open the tiktok application onto your smartphone. Find deleted videos from TikTok

2. Select your Profile After you’ve started the TikTok application, you will find your profile icon on the right-hand side of the home page. It will show an icon of a person with the word “me” inscribed underneath. Tap it to start the profile. Find deleted videos on TikTok profile.

3. You’ll find a heart-shaped icon with a lock if you go to drafts on your profile. This is where all your draft videos are kept. Tap the icon to access all your draft videos. Find deleted TikTok video files

4. Click on the link to view the video. Now you will view all the videos and select the video you deleted and want to view it once more. You need to tap on the video. The deleted videos usually contain a broken icon of the video camera.

5. Click on share: Once the video opens, there will be an icon for sharing on the bottom on the right side of the film. Tap on the forward arrow to share the video with someone else or save the video into your gallery. Find deleted TikTok video clips

6. Click Save video: Now, you can add the saved video to your gallery by clicking on the save button. Additionally, you can share the video on various websites for social media platforms sharing. For instance, tap the Whatsapp icon if you would like to share the video via Whatsapp. Find deleted TikTok videos

7. Open your Gallery Once you’ve downloaded the video to your gallery, end your Tik Tok application. Open your phone’s gallery to view the video that you have downloaded. Best way to find deleted videos from TikTok.

8. Tap on Videos: In your gallery, tap on the video to play the video you saved by the TikTok application.

9. The video will be displayed, and you’ll be able to see all the videos stored in the gallery on your phone. Tap on the video that was downloaded via the application called TikTok. Find deleted videos from TikTok.

Thus, you can finally view the deleted video from TikTok on your smartphone and let anyone you wish share it with. You can also transfer it onto the TikTok application once more.

What Are the Draft Videos on TikTok?

After recording a video, TikTok lets us share videos with the app or save them as Drafts. The Draft option implies you save the video to your phone’s storage so that you can retrieve it later.

Sometimes, we do not post a video and assume it’s gone, however it may be sitting in your Drafts for a long time.

How To See Others Deleted TikTok Videos

Recover Deleted TikTok Videos on a Computer

Most TikTok users initially save their videos on computers (for editing purposes and other reasons). If your TikTok videos were deleted from the computer Mac or Windows PC, we suggest you consider the following recommendations.

Before taking any drastic action, be sure that you go through before you take any drastic measures, make sure that you check the Recycle Bin or the Trash folder on your system.

If we remove an item, the files do not get deleted from the system right and then. Instead, they’re saved in the Recycle Bin and Trash for a short time.

If you’re a Windows user, go to the Recycle Bin from the Desktop or Explorer. There, you can search for the deleted TikTok video, right-click it, and then restore it to its original place.

In the same way, Mac users can go to the Trash folder via your Dock or Finder and look for any video that has been deleted.

It’s possible to access the context menu, then select the “Put back” option to recover it.

Restore videos from an existing Backup

Last but certainly not least to check on how to see others deleted tiktok videos, please verify if you’ve made an archive of TikTok footage or not. If you’ve saved your short videos to an external storage device (like the USB drive), you can join it with your computer to retrieve your videos.

Some people also prefer saving their backups to the cloud, which they can later restore.

Windows users frequently use the aid with File History to back up their videos.

In this scenario, you’ll be able to join the backup device to the computer and open your File History option from its Settings.

You can then search from the search box for the deleted video and then restore it to your computer.

Similar to that, Mac users can also utilize the aid from Time Machine to restore their backup data. Start the program, then connect the Time Machine drive to your Mac.

You can browse your stored content as content creator and let you choose and restore deleted videos.

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Recover TikTok Draft Videos

If you’re a regular TikTok user and know that once we have recorded the video, it allows us to share it or save the video as a draft.

If you click on the “Draft” button, the video will be saved on your device’s storage. If you want to learn how to retrieve video drafts on TikTok, You can try these strategies.

When we record a video on TikTok, We are presented with the following options: either upload it to the site or save the video as a draft.

If you click on the “Drafts” icon, the video will be saved to the phone’s Gallery > TikTok folder.

Also, ensure you enable the option “Save to Album” to be disabled. So, if you want to know how to retrieve TikTok video drafts, visit the app’s Gallery.

Then, search your TikTok folder and look for the saved draft video.


Suggestions to Protect Your TikTok Videos easy way

The following steps are some new ways to protect TikTok posts.

● You can enable the “Save in album” option in TikTok to promptly save videos to your device or memory card.

● Before you post your own video, you should consider saving it to your device sd card so that you can keep a copy of the short video clips.

● Ensure you sync your Tik Tok videos by connecting them to Google Drive or iCloud to protect them.

● Make sure you do not change your TikTok account on your smartphone since it could lead to the loss of the videos you’ve saved.

● Think about making a point of sharing TikTok videos with your family or friends, or keep backups of them so that you will always have a backup copy.

● Another good thing to do is to back up files of your latest videos and have backup of your tiktok videos at all times to avoid losing them.

● Ensure that you follow the community guidelines while using your tik tok account to avoid


We hope that after reading this article on how to see others deleted tiktok videos, you will be able to see deleted videos. In case you have any doubts then you can tell us in the comment section below.

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