Qantas Super Makes Investment

A$2 billion investment in Calvert Research and Management

Investment in Goldman Sachs Asset Management to reduce its carbon intensity

Investment to help help it achieve net zero emissions across its investment portfolio by 2050

First phase wants to achieve 24% reduction in CO2 Emissions

Qantas Super chief investment officer Andrew Spence said - 

"We believe ESG factors increasingly impact investment returns and risks and contribute to us delivering sustainable growth to our members"

Believed Sustainability as Core Investment Belief 2015 

Goldman Sachs Asset Management co-head Luke Sarsfield said

Investing in line with the energy transition can produce enhanced returns

capturing opportunities while supporting positive change for society and the environment

Long  history in responsible investing  will enable Qantas Super to meet its sustainability goals

Minimizing CO2 Emissions will help in reducing the ESG risks in an investment portfolio

Qantas super fund also joined the Australian Council of Superannuation Investors in 2017

Qantas Super, has A$8.5 billion in assets under management