Can You Have 2 Snapchat Accounts On The Same Phone – A full guide

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Can You Have 2 Snapchat Accounts On The Same Phone – Multiple Snapchat accounts are feasible?

Yes, it is possible to use one account for personal use and the other for business account use on your mobile phone either an android device or on iOS devices on a single device.

In this article, I’ll demonstrate different methods on how to use two accounts on the same Android mobile device.

Remember that, you can have one personal snapchat accounts and a new snapchat account for business purpose.

The technology has evolved from simple text messages to multimedia text messages that are rich, i.e., sending photos (photos or videos) while you chat.

Snapchat has gotten this efficiently and swiftly released its application. It has more than 1 billion snapchat users through the Google Play store and the App Store, and you can access Snapchat on almost all phones, be it Android or iOS.

With the market for mobile phones bursting with dual-sim feature, one would consider having multiple accounts on their preferred social media applications.

Do you need to have two Snapchat accounts?

Yes, you can have two Snapchat accounts. Like other social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, whatsapp accounts Snapchat allows you to create more than one account for the app.

The social media sites are well aware some users need multiple accounts. Thus, these platforms have introduced changes to allow managing more than one account easily. For instance, on Instagram, you can create up to five accounts on one device.

You can control these accounts with one click. The reason to have two accounts is quite simple: you may need to distinguish between your work and personal life.

Some people would like to have second snapchat app if something goes wrong with their primary account. The bottom line is that no account is safe from hackers. Different accounts, social media apps

Can You Have 2 Snapchat Accounts On The Same Phone? – Steps to follow

You can have two Snapchat accounts or 2 Snapchat apps on Android and one iOS smartphone. The prerequisites for doing this will be:

●    A smartphone running Android phone or iOS smartphone

●    Primary Snapchat application on phones

●    Connection to the Internet (Data connection or WiFi)

●    Additional account information

●    Verification of the account on another account (a different phone number), email address

●    Special Applications which offers clone of the app

Snapchat Accounts on Multiple Devices Snapchat accounts on Android

To have the two Snapchat accounts on the same device, you need to have the above requirements in place and ready.

You will also need an application that can do this job for you. Parallel Space is the app you’ll need to run on an Android smartphone. Install Parallel Space from the app store.

Parallel app is an application that copies your favorite gaming and social media apps, allowing you to have multiple accounts on one device.

It is recommended that you have the primary Snapchat application installed on your phone. If it’s not there, you need to install and download the app before proceeding further.

Start your Parallel Space app on the phone, and it will begin making parallel space.

After it is loaded correctly, Once it is loaded, click the START button, which will appear at the lower right of your screen.

Find Snapchat and then click ADD to PARALLEL SPACE. Parallel Space will create an imaginary space that acts as a phone in the imagination. To continue, you’ll need permission. Click OK. In this way, you’ll create a second account on the same Android phone.

can you have 2 snapchat accounts on the same phone
Can You Have 2 Snapchat Accounts On The Same Phone

Other apps to create Multiple Snapchat Accounts

The process and method to manage two Snapchat accounts are identical to what you read about above.

2-Accounts-Dual Space

It is designed specifically for those who use the same app with multiple accounts. It’s lightweight, great and nearly all applications support a second account.

Super Clone (Cloning Apps)

Super Clone is a well-known cloning application that can easily replicate games and social media accounts. I’ve seen android users using Super Clone for running two Snapchat accounts on the same Android phone.

How Can I Have More Than One Snapchat Account on the iPhone?

The requirement to set up two Snapchat accounts is identical to what you have seen previously with the Android phone. The only difference you’ll find here is the Snapchat apps.

In iOS, you may need to install third-party apps or a cloning application that works for you.


Snapchat++ is a third-party application that functions as an alternative Snapchat application on your iPhone. Snapchat++ has been designed using all the features from the primary Snapchat and comes with numerous added features to enhance your user’s experience.

●    To install Snapchat++, you will need to visit appvalley.

●    Install AppValley from the AppValley app store onto your iPhone For the app to work correctly, you must trust the developer of the app.

●    To do that, go to the settings menu general >PROFILES & DEVICE Management.

●    You can then enable the trust of the application.

Following the steps above After completing the above steps, after completing the above steps, your iPhone now comes with a third-party app store. Go to the store and look for Snapchat++.

Install Snapchat++ and begin the standard Snapchat login procedure. The only difference is that the Snapchat account is not the same this time.

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Another App to manage multiple Snapchat accounts on one iPhone

If you’re experiencing issues with AppValley, do not fret, another application is more powerful than AppValley. You can use these social media apps, third party applications on mobile devices and android devices


TutuApp is a third-party application that functions like an app store itself. You can discover tweaked versions of Snapchat, and the benefit of this application is that you will discover a variety of tweaked Snapchat apps.

You could download one or several choices, and it’s your choice. For instance, you can download two versions of Snapchat from this site and use three Snapchat accounts simultaneously on the iPhone.

The process of downloading Snapchat through the Tutu App is identical to the method used by AppValley. Just follow the same steps, and you’ll be able to download multiple modified Snapchat apps for your iPhone.

A few of the apps listed above are apps from third-party app developers, and we cannot guarantee their compatibility with your device as different devices work differently and not all come with simple steps and these third-party app developers may provide extra additional features. Refer to their terms of service before setting up user account or install these mobile app.

However, I’ve attempted to provide some information for who wonder Can You Have 2 Snapchat Accounts On The Same Phone with a list of different ways to install an additional Snapchat application on the same phone and use multiple Snapchat accounts on the same phone

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